Congratulations on your purchase of a Carlton Stump Grinder. This product has been designed and manufactured to provide years of profitable service while minimizing maintenance and downtime. Please take the time now to complete this warranty validation form. This information is necessary for Carlton to instate your warranty.

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    Please confirm that the following items have been reviewed by the dealer and the purchaser:

    Customer has been instructed on operation and safety aspects of operating the equipment. *

    Customer has been advised not to reach into cutter wheel area. *

    Customer has been advised to stop machine and remove key before performaing any type of maintenance. *

    Customer has been warned not to operate the machine without the cutter wheel guard in place. *

    Customer has been furnished with all parts and operators manuals. *

    Customer has been instructed on equipment maintenance schedules and procedures. *

    Customer has been has been advised that the engine or power unit that is used on this machine is warranted by the engine manufacturer and NOT J.P. Carlton Company. All engine warranty issues should be addressed to the local engine dealer. *

    Customer understands to keep locking collars tight and purge bearings with grease. *

    All operation and warning decals are properly displayed on equipment. *


    Dealer Representative

    I have inspected this equipment and find it in good working condition. To the best of my knowledge, the customer and his personnel are aware of the above procedures.


    The equipment has been thoroughly checked by the above named dealer representative, and I am satisfied with his instructions.