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Hurricane RS Stump Cutter
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Wood Chipper Manuals

Model Size Version Date Description
660 Series (6-inch) Wood Chipper5.2 MBJanuary 2011012811
1260 Series (6-inch) Wood Chipper8.6 MBJanuary 2011012811
1790 Series (9-inch) Wood Chipper9.0 MBMay 2010051910
1712 Series (12-inch) Wood Chipper5.7 MBMay 2010051910
2012/2512 Series (12-inch) Wood Chipper7.6 MBJuly 2010071510
2015 Series (15-inch) Wood Chipper8.9 MBOctober 2010100610
2018 Series (18-inch) Wood Chipper10.7 MBMay 2010051910
2518 Series (18-inch) Wood Chipper13.8 MBOctober 2010101210


2012 Series Wood Chipper
Previous Version Manuals