The Most Comprehensive Stump Cutter Selection in the Industry!

The J.P. Carlton Company manufactures a full line of stump cutters from 27-horsepower self-propelled units up to the 250-horsepower Hurricane. J.P. Carlton manufactures two hydraulically controlled self-propelled units-the highly maneuverable SP5014 and the high horsepower SP7015. The SP7015 combines the power of a tow-behind with the maneuverability of a portable.

J.P. Carlton manufactures a complete line of track-mounted stump cutters. These machines are the most versatile machines built today. Every machine in our line is manufactured with the same commitment to quality components and craftsmanship.


Carlton 900H Series Stump Cutter

900H Series

The Carlton 900 series offers ease of operation and low maintenance resulting in a machine that is both easy to use and very reliable.


SP2000 Stump Cutter

SP2000 Series

The Carlton SP2000 Series combines the convenience of a self-propelled transmission with a 27-horsepower Kohler engine in an extremely narrow package width.


SP5014 Self-Propelled Stump Cutter

SP5014 Series

The SP5014 series is a four-wheeled self-propelled unit that features a 1 1/4-inch thick, 21-inch diameter cutting wheel, letting you grind faster and smoother than ever before.


SP7015 Self-Propelled Stump Cutter

SP7015 Series

The SP7015 series offer a huge 70-inch cutting arc while extending below ground 15 inches and above ground height to an amazing 43-inches.


Carlton Model 7500 Series Stump Cutter

Model 7500 Series

The Carlton Model 7500 utilizes a 74HP Kubota four-cylinder turbo charged diesel engine and features a massive 31-inch cutter wheel, 1 1/2-inches thick, that holds 76 teeth.


SP5014 TRX Track-Mounted

SP5014 TRX Series

The SP5014 TRX uses a rubber high track system that incorporates multiple idler rollers and spring tensioning and is available with lever controls, wired remote control, or wireless remote control.


SP7015 TRX Series

SP7015 TRX Series

The SP7015 TRX track system hydraulically retracts from 48 inches to 35 inches so the operator can maneuver easily through tight situations like a back yard gate.


SP8018 TRX Series

SP8018 TRX Series

The SP8018 TRX provides high horsepower and features a wireless remote control, four speed ground drive capabilities, and traction control.


Hurricane RS Stump Cutter

Hurricane RS Series

The Hurricane RS Stump Cutter features Carlton’s patented turret bearing design giving it 360-degree continuous rotation and massive cutting dimensions.


Hurricane TRX Stump Cutter

Hurricane TRX Series

The Hurricane TRX provides combined cutting power, maneuverability, and productivity with proprietary design features that make it ideal for high volume residential and light clearing applications.

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