Carlton Wood Chippers: Industry Leading Innovation & Design!

J.P. Carlton manufactures a complete line of 6-, 9-, 12-, and 18-inch capacity wood chippers. These chippers feature many unique design elements that make them the most desired chippers in the industry. Each Carlton wood chipper is a result of superior design and the highest quality construction.

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660 Series Wood Chipper

660 Series (6 in.)

The compact J.P. Carlton 660 is designed and built to go out and chip everyday. The design, features and heavy duty construction of the J.P. Carlton 660 make it the ideal chipper for a rental fleet.

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1260 Series Wood Chipper

1260 Series (6 in.)

With its 12- x 6-inch throat opening, dual top and bottom feed rollers, and high torque feed motors, the J.P. Carlton 1260 will out perform any other 6-inch capacity machine on the market.

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1290 Series (9 in.) Disk Chippers

1290 Series (9 in.)

The Carlton 1290 wood chipper features a 12- x 9-inch throat opening and a 35hp Vanguard V-Twin engine. The hard working 1290 offers the reliability and durability contractors need to achieve top-level productivity.

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1712 Series Wood Chipper

1712 Series (12 in.)

Carlton Model 1712 features a 48-inch by 28-inch infeed opening allowing the 1712 to swallow tops with little or no trimming and making it a highly productive 12-inch capacity chipper.

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2012/2512 Series Wood Chipper

2012 Series (12 in.)

High horsepower diesel engines, a 20-by 12-inch throat opening and a 64-inch wide infeed give the Carlton 2012 massive capacity.

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2018 Series Wood Chipper

2018 Series (18 in.)

2018HD provides the most pulling power available combined with high horsepower diesel engine options and a proprietary chipping system.

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1712 (12 in.) Apache

The 1712 Apache features a 17- by 12-inch opening utilizing a single oversized feed wheel to handle the material.

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2015 Apache Series Wood Chipper

2015 (15 in.) Apache 

Dual feed wheels, powered by three hydraulic drive motors working on two independent circuits, maximizes pulling power for the Carlton 2015 Apache chipper.

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2518 Apache Series Wood Chipper

2518 (18 in.) Apache

The 2518 features a massive 25-inch by 18-inch opening combined with a 37-inch diameter pocketed drum, allowing it to easily consume the largest trees.

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