J.P. Carlton’s commitment to quality can be found in every stump cutter and wood chipper they manufacture. Each J.P. Carlton product is a result of superior design and the highest quality construction.

Plus, J.P. Carlton’s staff of highly trained and experienced professionals stands behind each product and is ready with answers to your questions.

Parts & Services

J.P. Carlton’s professionally trained parts and service staff are standing by ready to assist customers with any needs. J.P. Carlton delivers national coverage with its independent dealer network.

Your authorized J.P. Carlton dealer knows your local conditions and is ready to deliver fast, professional, and expert service or parts, when you need it most.

J.P. Carlton delivers national coverage with its independent dealer network.

A quick tour of our parts and service area…

Tracking inventory continuously means no matter how small or how large your part needs may be, our dealer network can fill your order quickly and on time. We have “in stock” an extensive inventory of parts for all of our products, including even the oldest J.P. Carlton models.

Engines and components not manufactured by J.P. Carlton “in house” are also kept in large supply. Only the highest quality and most dependable of manufacturers supply our out sourced product requirements. From the largest diesel engine to the smallest bearing, each component must meet or exceed our stringent requirements before being used on any J.P. Carlton product.

Our dealer network can also handle any service needs you may have. Whether your machine needs a simple oil change, gear replacement, or even a complete machine overhaul… All of our dealers are capable of handling any J.P. Carlton product service needs!

Parts and Service Area