2018 Wood Chipper

2018 SERIES (18 in.)

173 HP John Deere T4F Turbo Charged Diesel

Disk Style Wood Chipper


The J.P. Carlton 2018HD Wood Chipper is designed and built to stand up in the toughest applications, able to withstand all the punishment you and your crew can dish out. From its high capacity axles and tires, to its heavy-duty frame, back to the rigid 3/8″ feed table, the 2018HD is built right. J.P. Carlton understands the environment the 2018HD must survive in everyday. Thoughtful design elements like concealed wiring, integrated single manifold hydraulics with electronic control, dual lift cylinders, full – length radiator protection guards keep the 2018HD operating at peak performance year after year. For Durability and Dependability nothing compares to J.P. Carlton.

The J.P. Carlton 2018HD wood chipper is an extremely versatile high production machine. The 2018HD is built to stand the day in day out duty of clearing or producing fuel chips while still being operator friendly. The J.P. Carlton 2018HD is at home behind an arborist truck or out in the woods with a clearing crew!! The super high torque feed system unique to the 2018HD provides the most pulling power available on an 18″ capacity chipper. This high torque feed system combined with the high horsepower diesel engine options and proprietary chipping system make the 2018HD chip like no other high capacity machine on the market. This chipping system gives a consistent high quality dimensional chip. The 2018HD is able to take the largest logs and discharge them to the front of 53′ trucks with ease – No plugging this chipper!!! The combination of an excellent chip quality and high rate discharge pack chip boxes tight, getting the best reduction ratio on the market.

  • Led Taillights mounted high on the infeed out of harms way. The 2018HD’s taillights have heavy duty covers for extra protection. All the wiring runs inside the frame to give the machine a neater appearance and keep wires clear of damage.
  • Hydraulic Swivel Discharge quickly and easily allows the operator to fill the largest capacity chip trucks corner to corner, or direct the chips to a precise place on the lot.
  • Hand Crank Height Adjustable Discharge Chute allows the operator to quickly adjust the discharge perfectly for any truck.
  • Massive 20″ x 18″ Throat Opening is the largest in its class and easily handles the most difficult materials.
  • Rigid 3/8″ Feed Table resists bending under the day to day stresses of chipping the largest logs. This heavy duty feed table is framed in tubing for even more added strength!
  • Heavy Duty 1 1/2″ Feeder Bar
  • Four 235/75R17.5 6000 Pound Capacity Tires easily carry the load.
  • 64″ Wide Infeed Chute takes the big tops and requires less trimming by the crew!
  • Hydraulic Planetary Winch with 2 speeds and freewheel provides 10,000 pounds of pulling power
  • Tandem Hydraulic System provides power independently to each feed wheel. This system ensures the most power at all times to the feed system. By running this system directly off the engine all hydraulic functions are available without engaging the disk.
  • Locking Fuel and Hydraulic Tanks sit down in the frame for maximum capacity and a clean design.
  • Heavy Duty 10,000 pound tongue jack.

2018 SERIES (18 in.) Specifications

Weight 12,200 Pounds
Length 240 inches
Height 108 inches
Tires 235/75R17.5 Ld Rng H 6005 # @125 PSI
Axles Two Dexter Torflex 8,000 Pound Cap
Brakes Electric Both Axles w/Breakaway Switch
Hitch 9″ Height Adjustable Pintle
Fuel Capacity 62 Gallons
Battery 950 CCA
Jack Stand 10000 # Cap Screw Type
Engine *
Manufacturer John Deere 6068T Turbo Diesel
Number of Cylinders Six
Bore 4.19 Inches (106 mm)
Stroke 5.0 Inches (127 mm)
Displacement 414 Cubic Inches (6.8L)
Maximum RPM 2500 RPM
Horsepower 170HP
Torque 358 Ft Lbs (485 NM)
Cooling Medium Liquid Water/Antifreeze Mixture
Air Cleaner Two Stage Dry Type
Oil Filter Full Flow Spin On
Oil Capacity 13 Quarts
Oil Type John Deere
Electrical 12 Volt
Gauges Murphy Power View w/ Shutdowns
Clutch Twin Disk 11 1/2 ” Over Center
Disk Bearings 3 11/16 inches Pillow Block Bearings
Feed Roller Bearings 2 7/16 inches Tapered Roller
Chipper Disk
Wheel Diameter 55 inches
Wheel Thickness 2 inches with 1 inch backer
Disk Balance Precision High Speed Balanced
Wheel Speed 900 RPM Nominal
Number of Knives 6
Knife Dimensions (4) 7 1/4″ x 4 1/2″ x 1/2″ (2) 5 1/8″
Anvil 5″ x 18″ x 1/4″ AR400
Chip Throwers Two 1/2″ x 4″ x 8″ x 24 1/2″ long
Cutting Dimensions
Throat Opening 18 1/2″ x 20 1/2″
Hydraulic System
Hyd Pump Displacement 2.59 in cu/rev total from 2 pumps
Hyd Pump Drive System Direct Drive off Engine Mount
Flow 25 GPM Total Tandem Systems
System Relief 3000 PSI
Oil Tank Capacity 20 Gallons
Oil Type AW32
Valve Solonoid Operated DO5 Valves
Hose 16,000 PSI Burst – Exceeds SAE 100R2
Oil Filter 10 Micron Return with Suction Strainer
Hydraulic Cooler Aluminum with Electric Fan
Drive System
Engine Sheave 6/5V7.5
Jackshaft Sheave 6/5V21.2
Drive Belt 6/5V1320
Cutter Head Shaft 5
Feed System
Feed Motors 64 Cubic Inch Displacement
Flow Separate Systems for Top/Btm Feed
Hydraulic Drive Live – Driven off engine
Autofeed Reversing Digital, Fully Adjustable
Feed Rate 100 Feet Per Minute
Feed Rollers Top: 15 3/4″ Dia Bottom: 10 5/8″ Dia
Springs Two Two 19″ Tight Wound Powder Coated
Slide Bearings Four 16″ x 1″ x 1″ Ryertex
Lift Cylinders Two 2 x 18 with 1″ attachments
Discharge Hyd Adjustable Swivel Crank Height
Main Trailer Tongue 3″ x 8″ with 1/2″ wall
Main Trailer Frame 3″ x 8″ with 1/4″ wall
Telescoping Tongue N/A
Engine Channel Mnts 4″ Channel with 5/16″ web
Infeed Chute 1/4″ with 2″ x 2″ x 1/4″ tube frame
Infeed Tray 3/8″ Plate w/2″ x 2″ and 2″ x 4″ Tube
Discharge Chute 1/4″ Neck with 10 gauge discharge
Fuel Tank 10 gauge with baffles rubber mtd
Hydraulic Tank 10 gauge with baffles rubber mtd
Battery Box 14 gauge checker plate – lockable
Fenders 3/16″ checker plate
Feeder Bar 1 1/2″ OD x 1/8″ wall – removable
Radiator Guards 2″ x 4″ with 3/16″ wall
Light Brackets 3/16″ with hidden wiring LED Lights
Axle Mounts 1/2″ Plate
Hitch Plate 3/4″ Plate adjustable 9″ Up/Down

* Multiple engine options available up to 250 horsepower. Contact J.P. Carlton for more information.