SP7015 Series Self-Propelled Stump Cutters


74 HP Kohler T4F Turbo Charged Diesel

74 HP Kubota T4F Turbo Charged Diesel

Self-Propelled Stump Cutter/Grinder

The Carlton SP7015 series are the most powerful and versatile self-propelled portable grinders made; combining the convenience of a narrow 35-inch backyard machine with the high horsepower of a tow-behind unit to create an extremely productive stump cutter.

The SP7015 series offer a huge 70-inch cutting arc while extending below ground 15 inches and above-ground height to an amazing 43-inches. Carlton’s exclusive patented turntable design keeps the weight low on the frame and the engine level during operation. This design also allows the use of a torque magnifying two-stage cutter wheel drive system. Carlton Model SP7015s are now equipped with a Tier 4 compliant turbocharged four cylinder diesel engine. These engines offer up to 12% more horsepower and 33% more torque than the previous models all while being smoother, quieter, and more fuel efficient. These engines do not require diesel exhaust fluid.

  • Patented Turntable Design provides a low center of gravity, keeps the engine level during operation and allows for a giant 70-inch swing travel.
  • Optional Back Fill Blade slides quickly into place, makes quick work of clean up.
  • Climb Pro Tires delivers maximum climbing power with minimal lawn damage.
  • Heavy Duty Dana 44 Rear Axle provides plenty of ground torque to get you to the stump.
  • Integrated Hydraulic Brake helps eliminate machine creep ensures more accurate cutting.

SP7015 SERIES Specifications

Engine option 1 74 HP Turbocharged 4 Cylinder
Kohler KDI2504TCR Diesel Tier 4 Engine
Engine option 2 71 HP Turbocharged 4 Cylinder
Kubota V2607 Diesel Tier 4 Engine
Cutter depth below ground 15″
Cutter height above ground 43″
Cutter head swing 70″ arc
Number of teeth on cutter wheel 48 Razor Teeth
Type of Cutter Teeth Hard Micro Structure Carbide
Chip containment volume 38 cu. ft.
Cutter wheel diameter with teeth 26 1/2″
Cutter wheel thickness 1 1/2″
Jack shaft bearings 1 11/16″
Cutter wheel bearings 2″
Fuel tank capacity 9.6 gallons
Hydraulic capacity 9.6 gallons
Tire size 23×8.5×12
Ground Pressure
11.5 PSI
Machine width
Narrow – 35″ with single wheels
Wide – 52″ with duals installed
Machine height 67″
Machine length 126″
Total weight 4160 lbs.
Paint Dupont Imron with Epoxy Primer

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