SP5014 TRX Series Track-Mounted Stump Cutters

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SP5014 TRX Track-Mounted


35 HP Vanguard Big Block 993 CC


The new SP5014TRX couples the industry’s best hydraulic controlled self-propelled grinder with the versatility of a rubber track undercarriage.

The SP5014TRX offers two engine options: 27 HP Kohler and 35 HP Vanguard. The SP5014TRX is also available with lever controls, wired remote control, or wireless remote control.

The SP5014TRX uses a rubber high track system that incorporates multiple idler rollers and spring tensioning to keep the track at optimal efficiency for running and tracking characteristics. This track system provides high floatation to minimize ground pressure and disturbance while providing a stable grinding platform and go anywhere traction.

  • Large Cutter Wheel, 21-inch diameter & 1 1/4-inch thick, provides maximum cutting power and flywheel momentum.
  • A Variety of Powerful Engines
  • Feather Touch Hydraulic Controls make the SP5014TRX easy to operate and provide optimum user control.
  • Tapered Roller Bearings on jack shaft and cutter wheel provide long service life and reduced maintenance.
  • Proprietary Rubber Track Undercarriage – provides positive climbing power over the roughest terrain.
  • Spring Tensioned Track – Keeps the tracks on the rollers and allows for easy adjustment.
  • High Track Sprocket – Keeps the track drive sprocket out of debris. Keeps more drive teeth engaged than competitors.
  • More Track Rollers than the competition – keeps the track in place across rough terrain.

SP5014 TRX SERIES Specifications

Weight 2215 pounds
Length 95 Inches
Height 56 Inches
Width 35 Inches – Narrow Stance
48 Inches – Wide Stance
Track Type Rubber track
Track Foot Print 7″
Track Ground Pressure 4 PSI
Track Length 42″
Controls Side Mounted – Optional Remote
Brakes Ground Speed Controlled by Hydraulics
Fenders Bolt on 1/4 inch plate
Fuel Capacity 10 Gallons
Battery 650 Cold Cranking Amps
Curb Clearance 13 Inches
Cutter Wheel Diameter 21 Inches with Teeth
Cutter Wheel Thickness 1 1/4 Inch – Blanchard Ground
Cutter Wheel RPM 1350 Nominal
Manufacturer Vanguard Series 540000 V-Twin
Number of Cylinders Two
Bore Type Cast Iron Sleeve
Valves Overhead
Bore 3.4 Inches (85.5 mm)
Stroke 3.4 Inches (85.5 mm)
Displacement 60 Cubic Inches (993 cc)
Maximum RPM 3600
Horsepower 35
Peak Torque 52 Ft* Lbs @ 2,400 RPM
Weight 125 Lbs. (56.8 KG)
Oil Capacity w/Filter 77.8 oz
Cooling Medium Air
Air Cleaner Dry Type Canister with Safety Element
Oil Filter Spin On
Lubrication Full Pressure w/Full Flow Filter
Electrical 12 Volt
Hydraulic System  
Hyd Pump Displacement .267 cu in (4.3 cc)
Hyd Pump Drive System Direct Drive Coupling
Flow 4.09 GPM
System Relief 1850 PSI
Oil Tank Capacity 4 Gallon
Oil Type AW 32
Valve Series Type with Fine Metering
Check Valves Cartridge Counterbalance Valves in Lift, Swing, and Drive Circuits
Hose Steel Braided 16,000 PSI Burst – Exceeds SAE 100R2
Oil Filter 10 Micron Full Flow
Lift Cylinder 3″ X 12″ with 1 3/8″ Rod and Replaceable End with Captured Pins
Drive System
Engine Sheave 6/3V4.75
Jackshaft Sheave 6/3V10.6
Drive Belt 3 Band 5V670
Jackshaft Sprocket 8M-40S-62 Gates PolyChain
Cutter Head Sprocket 8M-40S-62 Gates PolyChain
Drive Belt 8M-1200-62 Gates PolyChain
Jackshaft 1 11/16 Inch
Cutter Head Shaft 1 11/16 Inch
Engine Engagement Sliding Engine Carriage
Belt and Chain Shields Metal Bolt On
Jackshaft Bearings 1 11/16 Inch Tapered Roller Bearings
Cutter Head Bearings 1 11/16 Inch Tapered Roller Bearings
Swing Bearings Adjustable Tapered Roller Bearings
Tongue 3″ X 3″ X 3/8″ wall Mechanical Tubing
Boom 4 1/2″ X 4 1/2″ X 1/4″ wall Mechanical Tubing
Boom Box 1/4″ Plate
Pivot Plate 1/2″
Axle None –Drive Motors Coupled Direct to Sprockets
Supports Gussets used Throughout
Cutter Wheel
Wheel Diameter 21 Inches with Teeth
Wheel Thickness 1 ¼ Inch
Wheel Speed 1350 RPM Nominal
Number of Teeth 36 Razor Teeth
Type of Cutter Teeth Hard Micro Structure Carbide
Wheel Type Razor
Chip Guards Rubber and Metal
Cutting Dimensions
Below Ground 14 Inches
Hydraulic System 34 Inches
Width of Cut  50 Inch Arc


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