7500 Tow-Behind Stump Cutter


74 HP Kubota T4F Turbo Charged Diesel

Tow-Behind Stump Cutter/Grinder

The Carlton Model 7500 Stump Cutter is the tow behind machine by which all others are judged. The Carlton Model 7500 has a solid 30 year reputation of being the most productive tow behind grinder available. It is the choice of storm chasers and lot clearers nation wide.

Carlton Model 7500 utilizes a 74HP Kubota four-cylinder turbo charged diesel engine. This Kubota power plant gives the commercial user the power he needs.

This model features a massive 31-inch cutter wheel which is 1 1/2-inches thick, holds 76 teeth and is Blanchard ground for smoothness. The cutter wheel combined with the turbo charged diesel power give J.P. Carlton Model 7500 unmatched performance. J.P. Carlton’s solid construction and use of the finest components give the 7500 unmatched quality.

  • Massive 31-inch Diameter by 1 1/2-inch cutter head makes cutting smooth and powerful.
  • Kubota Diesel Engine provides enormous cutting power. The Kubota engine is smooth, quiet, powerful, and totally enclosed. Kubota diesels enjoy a favorable reputation worldwide.
  • Five Feet of Tongue Extension allows the 7500 to cut the largest stumps without repositioning.
  • Torsion Flex Suspension makes all J.P. Carlton tow-behind units ride smoothly.

7500 SERIES Specifications

Engine option 74 HP Kubota 4 Cylinder Turbo Charged Diesel
Cutter depth below ground 24″
Cutter height above ground 46″
Cutter head swing 92″ arc
Tongue cylinder 60″
Number of teeth on cutter wheel 76
Chip containment volume 81 cu. Ft.
Cutter wheel diameter with teeth 31″
Cutter wheel thickness 1 1/2 “
Jack shaft bearings 2 7/16 “
Cutter wheel bearings 2 7/16 “
Fuel tank capacity 40 gallons
Hydraulic tank capacity 4 gallons
Tire size Good Year 235/75-R16
Machine width 80″
Machine height 75″
Machine length 13′ 3 “
Total weight 4400 lbs.
Paint Dupont Imron with Epoxy primer

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7500 SERIES Manuals & Literature

Product Manuals

Model Size Version Date Description
Model 7500 Series Stump Cutter Tow-Behind6.6 MBFebruary 2011 021011

Previous Manuals

Model Size Version Date Description
Model 7500 Series Stump Cutter Tow-Behind7.4 MBOctober 2008100708

Product Literature

Model Size
Model 7500 Series Stump Cutter Tow-Behind4.4 MB